Robert Cassar & Associates really is unique and different from the other lawyers and law firms handling Michigan drunk driving, felony and misdemeanor cases. There are many reasons for this, but they may be summarized in three ways:


Robert Cassar & Associates specializes in the defense of drinking drivers, and all other types of cases and clients. Having such a razor sharp focus is a luxury that few lawyers and even fewer law firms can afford. This focus also gives us the ability to stay far ahead of other practitioners who only dabble in drunk driving defense as a sometimes small part of a larger less focused legal practice.


Having such focus without the knowledge to back it up is meaningless so the lawyers at the Robert Cassar & Associates devote a great deal of time and effort to obtaining the detailed knowledge necessary to obtain excellent results for our clients. Not only does Mr. Cassar write articles for and to teach other lawyers, he is also dedicated to improving the skill, knowledge and success rate of defense attorneys in drunk driving cases. Additionally, Mr. Cassar spends dozens of hours each year traveling to trial practice seminars around the country. These seminars are presented and attended by the Nationís top defense lawyers, and this continuous education keeps Mr. Cassar and Robert Cassar &Associates on the cutting edge. Such cutting edge knowledge is crucial to effective representation in the most complex area of law.


Finding a solution to your legal problem by putting our focus and knowledge to work for you is what Robert Cassar & Associates is all about. Once we have completed our thorough investigation and evaluation of your case we will discuss with you the approach that we believe will provide you with the best possible results. This might include filing motions to cripple the prosecutor’s case by challenging the chemical evidence or observation evidence. It might also include simply setting your case for trial. On the other hand, we may discuss with you how to obtain the best possible plea and/or sentence bargain. Our goal is to make sure that our rare combination of focus, knowledge and execution leads to positive results for you in court.